VIDEO: Dubiski Career High School Faces Backlash Over Students' Use of N-Word in Social Media Post


Dubiski Career High School students are facing backlash after a cell phone video was shared on social media, showing students using a racial slur. In the video, the students can be seen saying the N-word and then spelling it out in unison, even going as far as to use sticky notes to write out the offensive phrase “I hate ######.” Notably, a staff member is barely visible in the video, but you can see him sitting behind the desk, leaving many to wonder what was being taught in this class. We have edited the video to blur out students faces and bleep out offensive language used in the video.

The video has sparked outrage from students, parents, and community members alike, with many calling for the school district to take swift action against the students involved. Dubiski Career High School is part of the Grand Prairie Independent School District (GPISD), and the district has been contacted for comment on the matter. However, as of the time of this writing, no response has been received.

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The use of racial slurs is unacceptable and has no place in our schools or society as a whole. It is a hurtful and harmful act that can cause significant emotional harm to those who are targeted by such language. The fact that the substitute teacher took no action has raised concerns among many about the level of supervision in the school and the need for stricter monitoring of student behavior.

Grand Prairie News reached out to the Grand Prairie NAACP and LULAC for comment, and though we have not heard back from LULAC, the NAACP provided us with a statement.

“The Grand Prairie NAACP expects actions to be taken against students, teachers, and campus administrators and consideration of more In-depth training for campus administrators, staff, students, and parents to address the racially discriminatory actions by these students. Genuine efforts to address these violations must be done. It appears as though there were little or no effective monitoring occurring by the classroom staff. Failure to take action could result in less than positive reactions by the community or others. Training personnel should also be approved by the NAACP.” - Angela Luckey, President, Grand Prairie NAACP.

It is essential that schools take a proactive approach to addressing issues of racial insensitivity and discrimination. While it is unclear at this point what action, if any, GPISD will take in response to this incident, many are hoping that the district will take a strong stance against the use of racial slurs and work to foster a more inclusive and welcoming school environment for all students.


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